with international participation
Under the high patronage of the Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the 1st Croatian Congress on Biosecurity and Biosafety with international participation will be held in Zagreb in December 2017.

Today, more than ever, this topic is in the focus of the attention given the global threat of terrorism, wars and natural disasters. Through its first congress, Croatian Society for Biosafety and Biosecurity plans to gather a broad domestic and international scientific and professional community that will discuss a range of issues related to biosafety and biosecurity. The aim of the Congress is to encourage the exchange of ideas within academic, political, social, military and security communities on variety of themes related to biosecurity and biosafety. These themes include the biosafety strategy in the Republic of Croatia and the World, a topic closely related to national and international military, police and security activities; modern interdisciplinary principles of forensic microbiology, unusual natural epidemics and inadvertently caused biological incidents; presentation of the most modern diagnostic technology, particularly multiplex diagnostics and \"point-of-care\" tests; bioinformatics, as a tool in interpreting the voluminous data that modern biomedical science produces; dangerous pathogens causing infectious diseases that require universal and personal protection in hospital environments (quarantine), and specialized laboratories; resistance of microorganisms and genetically modified organisms as a real challenge for global biosecurity, legislation and bioethics; animals as reservoirs and carriers of hazardous pathogens, forest ecosystems in which animals reside and emergent diseases of plants, require full involvement of veterinary medicine, agronomy and forestry; public health activities through continuous monitoring of dangerous infectious diseases and the development of global reporting system that contributes to biosecurity and biosafety at the national and international levels, which is important not only in peace time, but also during war conditions and natural disasters, including related migrations of affected populations.

You are most welcome to join us and contribute to the success of this Congress and the further development of interdisciplinary scientific approach to the problem of biosecurity and biosafety.

Best Regards

label Alemka Markotić,
President of the Croatian Society for Biosafety and Biosecurity